Okaaaay, first of all - ignore my mess. LOL

So on Wednesday I was online shopping for athletic wear. Of course I went to Fabletics because Kate Hudson is my absolute favorite. Anyway. I ended up getting 2 pair of leggings for $24, right? Basic - one gray pair, one black. I decided I’d try the wild designs once I confirmed they fit. I just got them in the mail today (Friday) ... (remember, I ordered them on Wednesday...wow) AND my package included a $100 gift card to NAKED WINE WTF. This is no lie. I am in love.

If you're interested in this 2/$24 deal I've provided the link below. Being a VIP member comes with sooo many incredible perks AND I will NEVER have to go to Plato’s for workout leggings ever again. Yay!!


Click here to shop Fabletics.